Are CIEM and IAM The Same?

roles of CIEM and IAM

Today’s digital landscape is constantly evolving, and organizations often grapple with the complexities of diverse IT environments, the safeguarding of sensitive data has never been more critical. Enter the dynamic duo of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM). As companies increasingly adopt cloud services and diversify their IT infrastructure, the […]

Unraveling the 6Ws of Identity Security with ObserveID

6ws of Identity Security

In today’s digital age, the security of our identities and personal information has never been more critical. With an ever-expanding array of threats and vulnerabilities, it’s essential to understand the 6Ws of Identity Security. But there’s a game-changer in the world of identity security – ObserveID, which takes it a step further. Who has Access? […]

Looking Beyond the Castle Walls: Zero Trust vs. Perimeter Trust in Cybersecurity

Zero Trust vs. Perimeter Trust

As hackers and other malicious actors continue to improve their methods of cyberattacks, two methods of cyber security have emerged as frontrunners, each with a distinct approach to safeguarding digital assets and information. Zero Trust and Perimeter Trust represent two opposing philosophies that decide how organizations protect their systems, networks, and data.  These approaches have […]

Zero Trust Architecture and Compliance

zero trust architecture and compliance

The Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) has emerged as a game-changing approach that not only enhances security but also plays a pivotal role in helping companies stay compliant.

Benefits of Identity Automation

Identity Automation

We take an in-depth look into the realm of identity automation, uncovering its many benefits, and learning why it has become a quintessential component of contemporary Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategies.